In the first issue of the second volume we have various papers from the „Searching for Sustainable Living – Different Approaches, Shared Vision" conference in Olomouc, Czech Republic.Starting with the Editorial “Searching for Sustainable Living Different Approaches, Shared Vision” from I.S.A. Baud, the president of EADI (European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes). The editorial is followed by four Research Papers, titled "Knowledge management in urban governance; building adaptive capacity through ICT-GIS-based systems in the global South" from Baud et. al., "The History and Politics of Human Mobility" from Lucie Macková & Lubor Kysučan from the Palacký University Olomouc, "From Recipient to Donor Country - Experience from Central Europe" from Petr Pavlík, who works at the University of Economics Prague. The issue is closed with  paper from Philippe Destatte "A genuine ethic of responsibility that restores the trust in human beings". 
Published: 2016-05-02

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