In the second issue we have various papers. Starting with the Editorial “MDGs, SDGs and the Change of Paradigm” from the head of the think-tank Glopolis Petr Lebeda. The editorial is followed by three Research Papers, one titled “Access to Education for Learners with Disabilities in Cambodia as a Post-Conflict Country” from Jan Šiška and Ondřej Suchánek, the second is “The Future of Development Assistance – Do We Need a New “Marshall Plan”? “ from Pavel Nováček and the third paper titled “Early Marriage and Girls´ Access to Education in Amhara Region State, Ethiopia: Bahir Dar Special Zone Case” is from Eliška Gerthnerová and Hannah Haaij.The second issue is closed by the second part of the essay “Oil, climate, denial and the future capacity of development assistance” from Slovak researcher Juraj Mesík.           
Published: 2015-12-14

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