Why Development, Environment and Foresight?

  • Pavel Nováček Palacky University in Olomouc


The world is changing quickly. Forty ears ago three billion people lived on planet Earth, yet today it is more than seven billion. Mankind has consumed more raw materials and energy over the last sixty years than in all its previous history.More than forty years ago Man landed on the Moon for the first time and only four years later, in 1973, nobody imagined that journey to the Moon would be the last and that we would not be able to organize such travel again. Also nobody knew how revolutionary the development of portable computers, the internet and mobile telephones would be.In the 21st century the world will probably change even more rapidly, and coming generations will be faced with great opportunities as well as threats. We should be able to cope with at least three global megachallenges: development, environment, and foresight (future oriented thinking).
Apr 22, 2015
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Development, Environment, Foresight